syp-header5Spokane Young Professionals seeks to connect the next generation of leaders by providing an atmosphere where individuals can network with one another.  The Spokane Society of Young Professionals (SSYP) was born in 2004 by a group of six local young professionals and has since been shortened to Spokane Young Professionals (SYP). Since then, membership has grown to over 300 members.

You can become a member at any of our events via check, cash, or credit card.  We also now have online registration!
Click here to make an account and set up or renew your membership.


Membership Benefits

Annual SYP membership dues are only $40 and are valid for a full calendar year. As an SYP member, you will receive discounted admission to SYP events, including networking, recreation, “beer with” and social events. You will also be able to attend Members Only events.

Events for Everyone

Knowing that our members have diverse interests, SYP offers different types of events so each member has a way to be involved:

  • SYP started with networking events in 2004 to allow members and their friends to network in a fun, relaxed environment.
  • In 2006, SYP launched a series of members-only events called “Beer with…” events, which provide members with an opportunity to meet and engage in conversation with some of the area’s most prominent leaders. “Beer with…” events not only allow SYP members to learn from these leaders, but provide a relaxed question and answer session so dialogue can occur between the members and the speaker.
  • SYP broadened our scope of events in 2007 by beginning to offer recreation events and opportunities to volunteer to our membership.

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